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Free introductory call en 1 coaching session

For this very special occassion, I am offering a free 20-min introductory call + free 1st coaching session.

Short intro about me: I am a certified integrative nutrition coach and yoga teacher and use different coaching and somatic exercises to help you find the right balance in your life and make the most of your sensitivity. I help highly sensitive people like you overcome the struggle and the overwhelm so you can reclaim the inner power of your sensitivity and reach your full potential thanks to (and not despite of) your sensitivity. I bring my experience in the corporate world, competitive sports, and recovery from unhealthy coping mechanisms like eating disorders.

Schedule a non-commitment introductory call with me here:

These are some of the benefits you can achieve with coaching:

  • Stop hiding and trying to fix yourself
  • See your sensitivity not as a burden, but as your greatest strength
  • Be successful without the self-doubt, stress, and emotional overwhelm
  • Set yourself as a priority, taking care of and nourishing yourself
  • Envision the life you truly want by connecting with your core values and purpose
  • Find new ways of connecting with your intuitive and creative nature
  • Identify your unique needs as an HSP and communicate them effectively
  • Design your environment to thrive as an HSP
  • Go beyond your limitations
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Improve your relationships

Would you like to know more? I invite you to visit my website: or reach out with any question or just to connect at

Remember that your sensitivity can be your superpower!


12 - 18 juni 2023


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Sara Martinez - The sensitive movement
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